Future home of real world simulated networks for training red team members.

Multiple entry ways into the target network.

Real world situations. This week workstation #1 is online 8 - 5, but next week the user is working second shift and maybe third shift the next week. Don't count on things staying the same.

We aren't designing this to teach your red teaming from the ground up, but rather practicing red teaming in real world environments.

Objectives... we will add some more info on this later, but it isn't about getting domain admin.

Maybe the user of workstation #7 called support and a tier 3 tech logged in with admin credentials. You got lucky if you caught this and used it. They may not need help ever again so during your next mission don't count on this as a path forward. But this time you got lucky and you can use that luck...just like in the real world.

Multiple segments... one segment might be using the latest Microsoft Windows Defender. The next segment may be using something else.

One segment might be crazy locked down. Those network defenders take their work seriously and practice what they preach.

Maybe during one objective you find a piece of code the is vulnerable to an exploit. It might not be there the next time.

We want this to be so real world you can't tell the difference between your normal red team assessments and these labs. With the exception that you might be able to do things in the lab that your customer says are off limits.

And so much more. We don't want to spoil it all or give our competitors a chance to beat us to the market, but we have amazing plans!!!

We want this to be so real that you won't know if you are still at your day job or not!

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